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Step 1 of Placing An Order

Please note that I am not taking sweater orders at this time and I cannot say when I will again. If you very much need a sweater ASAP and know a crocheter, please consider purchasing a pattern that are suitable to fitting a dog remotely and come with permission to sell finished items. Free sweater patterns are entirely not-for-profit and only suitable for fitting a dog you have on hand. Thanks for understanding that I have a lot of projects going on at this time.

We are going to need 4(or 5) measurements:

1. Neck Circumference (the circumference of the neck right where the collar is worn)

2. Forechest length (the height of the chest from collar to right where the front legs begin)

3. Chest circumference (Around the largest part of the ribs)

4. Back length (from the collar to the base of the tail while the dog is standing flat)

...And then there is a 5th measurement for some....

5. Harness  (Measure from the point of the neck that you began measuring the back length down to the connect point/D-ring on the harness)

Here is a video that will help. Below are tips for getting accurate measurements! These are very important!

Tips of getting accurate measurements:

  • Have 2-3 measuring sessions with your dog so you will have more of an idea if you are getting correct results.
  • Have an assistant!
  • Round up to the nearest inch or half-inch. 
  • If you can't get your dog to stand flat for the back length measurement, then wait until they are lying flat on their side. Do not take this measurement while sitting, stretching, or curled up as it will not be accurate.
  • Have a lot of patience and some good treats or a favorite toy!

Proceed to Step 2: Choosing a Sweater Style!
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  1. Thank you for the dog sweater tutorial and pattern. I am excited to begin. I have crocheted (some knitting)for years but dog sweaters have not been very successful. I am a 61 year old grandmother that does not crochet like my grandmother! I love being innovative and stylish. So glad I found your site via fb.
    Cheri in Quincy IL.


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